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Mythical Creatures Of The Forest: An Interactive Adventure Story Book - Choose Your Own Adventure - Part 1

by Adam Oakley

Your name is Dr Bernard J. Hoothfellow.You are a scientist who has become tired of the world. You have fallen out of love with science, you are sick of your job, and the world seems to hold nothing for you anymore.One night you wander into the forest, the forest that no one ever goes to, the forest that your parents always warned you to never enter. But you enter anyway. Fed up with your old life, you are seeking something new. You seek reality again.Entering this story means that you will make choices that you will not be able to go back on. You will meet creatures you never knew were real, learn things that you always knew to be true, and once you make your decisions, you must walk the path laid before you.Good luck.Download the book and enter your adventure now...***Mythical Creatures O...

Genre: Children's eBooks, Action & Adventure, Fairy Tales, Folk Tales & Myths, Literature & Fiction, Mythology & Folk Tales, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Fantasy, Activities, Crafts & Games
Size: 139 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 07 March 2021 onward PDT/PST 

Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

This Bites: A Field Guide to Monster Defense

by Tweedy Britches

Everyone has heard stories about terrifying monsters like vampires, zombies, werewolves, and witches. The experts claim there’s nothing to worry about from them, since monsters only exist in books and movies. But what if those so-called "experts" are wrong? Or what if they want you to let your guard down so the monsters will eat you first? How can you protect yourself from blood-thirsty vampires or hungry werewolves? What about walking corpses and cranky witches?This book is your first line of defense against a wide variety of evil creatures. It will teach you to identify them, repel them, and escape from them. You’ll even learn what to do if you’re attacked and become a monster yourself. The advice includes Important Safety Tips like, "Don't waste your money on a mongoose" and "Yogu...

Genre: Children's eBooks, Humor, Activities, Crafts & Games
Size: 104 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 07 March 2021 onward PDT/PST