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The Games Plan

by Andrea Lombardi

Genre: Arts & Photography, Performing Arts, Humor & Entertainment, Humor
Size: 130 pages
Free download for Kindle from 17 January 2021 onward PDT/PST 

Off Script: 4 unproduced scripts for reading or filming... + bonus material

by Simon Bewick

This is a niche title. If you’re reading this via Look Inside or on Kindle Unlimited and you haven’t shelled out any money yet read this first before you buy. This isn't a novel. It's not a collection of short stories. It's not a film theory book. It's not even a script for a movie you may have seen. Having said what it isn't and why you probably shouldn't buy it what is it? Off Script is a collection of four scripts and some assorted notes and comments around them. It also contains a couple of short stories, some thoughts on turning stories into scripts, as well as a few other odds and ends. The idea behind Off Script is to provide short scripts, each of which can be filmed on a micro-budget, with a limited cast and setting with no special effects requirements. Each of the scripts contained have a dark theme - crime, horror, and the unexpected. Who IS it for? Film Makers: If you're someone who is interested in making films and want to test your filmmaking skills, these scripts provide progressively more challenging material in terms of filmic complexity. Each script is license free, meaning they can be adapted and filmed with no financial payments required to the writer. The book contains access codes to download a printable pdf version of the script, and instructions on how you can upload your finished version of the script to a website where you can compare and contrast with the approach other filmmakers have taken with the material. Readers: If you like reading scripts or plays, you may be interested in some of the stories contained. If you like 'normal' story styles you'll find a couple in here as well...you can even compare and contrast the original stories to the scripts they were transformed into. If you're interested in cinema, you'll see some consideration around classic films and their approaches to novel adaptations, themes and techniques. If you've read either of the author's short story collections (Basement Tales and You Could Make a Killing) you'll know the sort of dark, twisty tales of fiction to expect. If you haven't, and you like your reading matter a little macabre, maybe this book, in all of its weird little presentation, you might just find something of interest within.

Genre: Arts & Photography, Performing Arts
Size: 211 pages
Free download for Kindle from 17 January 2021 onward PDT/PST 

Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

Stop Procrastination Forever: The Art of Getting More Done and Unleashing Your Creative Potential (Productivity, Time Management and Procrastination Book 1)

by Cyrus Thomson


How can you unlock the power inside of you to get more done and finally SMASH your procrastination habits?

Imagine for a moment if you had the ability to work on every project through until completion, with unending motivation levels…

This is the subject of the latest book by Cyrus Thomson. Smash Procrastination is an exploration of human work habits, what motivates us, and proven techniques to MAXIMIZE daily efficiency levels. The way this book can be used is as follows: read it once in the morning over a cup of coffee, then focus hard on seeing your tasks finished promptly for the rest of the day. As your productivity begins to decrease, read it again. The book provides the mental tools necessary to transform your productivity levels. Even if it takes multiple readings to fully absorb the concepts, it’s worth it.

This book could be the difference between fulfilled dreams and empty potential. Don’t let yourself go to waste.

Genre: Arts & Photography, Performing Arts, Business & Investing, Business Life, Skills, Humor & Entertainment, Nonfiction, Professional & Technical, Accounting & Finance
Size: 61 pages
Free download for Kindle from 17 January 2021 onward PDT/PST 

Everytime You Go Away: The Musical

by Darren Camp

Darren T. Camp's book / script for his Rock Band Jukebox Broadway Musical, "Everytime You Go Away: The Musical." All songs (music & lyrics) by Daryl Hall, John Oates, Sara Allen & Janna Allen, and rights to all lyrics contained within are retained by Hall & Oates and the appropriate music / record companies.

Genre: Arts & Photography, Performing Arts, Humor & Entertainment, Nonfiction
Size: Unknown
Free download for Kindle from 17 January 2021 onward PDT/PST 

Coin Tricks Master Jumbo Coin Magic

by Darin Martineau

Master Magician Darin Martineau has over 30 years in Magic and is the protege of the World Class Magician Allan Ackerman- who is a protege of the famous Ed Marlo. ( who is an author of over 60 books and over 2000 creations in magic )This book contains several New Jumbo Coin Magic to amaze audiences!New Advanced Techniques, Routines and Effects.Revolutionary New Magic! & Super Visual Effects!Learn vanishes, productions, transformations and incredible magic with jumbo coins!This is powerful New Original Jumbo Coin Magic.

Genre: Arts & Photography, Performing Arts, Humor & Entertainment, Puzzles & Games
Size: 84 pages
Free download for Kindle from 17 January 2021 onward PDT/PST 

Magic Tricks Impromptu Magic

by Darin Martineau

Learn Magic Tricks, Card tricks, coin tricks, impromptu magic and more…Darin Martineau is the protégé of the world class magician Allan Ackerman- who is the protégé of the Legendary Ed Marlo.Darin is a First place Award-Winning Impromptu Magician-I B M - International Brotherhood of Magicians Ring 257 in Las VegasThis book contains proven impromptu magic routines.It includes many Original New Magic Routines!Learn magic with everyday objects!Very strong and commercial magic effects that get high impact!Advanced Techniques and Modern Magic Effects!

Genre: Arts & Photography, Performing Arts, Humor & Entertainment, Puzzles & Games
Size: 125 pages
Free download for Kindle from 17 January 2021 onward PDT/PST